Boundless Horizon: The Eternal Mindset

The Rock Fortress

horizon 3

Are your thoughts confined within the limits of this world’s horizon? You have the option to free your mind: by discarding the temporal mindset most of humanity have – and think eternal.

A person, while yet living, must come to a realization that he or she is a little “eternal mind” being, a piece from the original, great Eternal Mind Being (God). This will greatly benefit him or her in day-to-day living by means of understanding and peace.

God, the Creator of the universe, our world and everything in it, made only one creation that is in the likeness of His own image: mankind (Gen 1.27). Only mankind closely resembles God. Naturally, we are not referring to physical form or image here, for God is an infinite Spirit and has no material form. We are talking of intangible likeness. In essence, man is both…

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