SURVIVAL OF THE FIT: running cures/prevents many ailments

The Rock Fortress

runner survives

Man is not only born to walk. He is also born to run.

Were the dogs, cats, tigers, wolves, bears, or even chickens, just created to walk? They were also created to run. And we are just like them!

If we remove running, or the part of running in our life system, then there will be undesirable consequences. Why? Because it is innate part of nature. And we are nature.

“To exist is to persist”, said Benedictus Spinoza, a Dutch philosopher who lived in the 17th century. Running is an act and attitude of persistence. It is an expression of the  ‘will to live’.

When we were young, we used to move a lot, play a lot, and run a lot. As we age, we tend to lessen these activities until we come to a point that we seldom move, play, or run. And that is when we RETROGRADE. We…

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