Money’s usefulness STOPS one day…

The Rock Fortress

solid money

It will be rendered worthless. Obsolete.

Imagine billions, or rather trillions of U.S. dollars going to waste because we would have NO NEED for them. The same thing goes for euro, or yen, or rial, or peso, or whatever currency unit your country is using right now. If you live in this planet, this concerns you. 

Why is this so? It is simply because this present world system that we are in right now will STOP one day. And why is that so? Because IT IS SO. In that appointed time (by God, of course, who else can appoint such time?). the Great Day will come. It is also referred to as the Last Day, Last Judgment, Day of Reckoning, Day of the Lord, or Day of Wrath, etc.

Call it whatever you want, but that is the day everyone (including kings, presidents, magnates, movie stars, celebrities, etc.) faces God…

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