Running Can Improve Your Eye Vision


It happened to me, and it continues to do so.

I am fifty-five years old now, and my eye vision has considerably improved, whereas it should be degrading, right? I mean, that’s what normally happens when you age.

When I was working in the Middle East five years ago, the optometrist’s prescription for my eyeglasses was 175 for distant vision, both eyes. I had to wear my eyeglasses whenever I have to read or figure out words five meters and beyond, especially on a blackboard. I have to wear them also when driving, especially at night.On signs with small letters, I had to come nearer to  see them clearly, If I don’t have my glasses with me.

I started running seriously, and regularly, when I turned fifty, because I was fed up of being overweight for several years already. After just five months of running eight to ten kilometers three times a week and dieting, I shed almost forty pounds (eighteen kilograms).  I maintained that loss for quite some time, but after  five years I have gained back half of it (twenty pounds). I now weigh about 158 pounds, which is still good for my height of five foot and seven inches. I still run regularly, though I have lessened it to a fast five kilometer every three days. 

Nowadays, I don’t wear my eyeglasses anymore, because whenever I put them on, they strain my eyes. They’re no long helpful. Why? It is because my vision has considerably improved! I noticed that about a year after I started running. The most logical explanation to that is running (and most sports that require running), increases blood and oxygen flow to our optic nerves, making them work their optimum. As science show, optic nerves transmit vision images to our brain which our eyes see or perceive. These nerves are the carriers of images to our brain; if they are weak, or constricted, or clogged , or whatever, they sure can’t function very well. What happens is that the brain can’t fully interpret what the eyes see in the external world. This is one of the causes of poor eye vision. 

I am not a doctor, but I have read testimonies of similar nature, on how exercise helps our bodies function well because exercise is a form of maintenance. A maintained body functions well. With the increase in blood and oxygen flow to our brain and its neurotransmitters, mental cognition and focus are enhanced, and better eyesight is just one of the benefits of it because our eyes are connected to the brain.

Nowadays, my eyesight continues to remain better, and I can read considerably small words and letters ten meters away without eyeglasses. I read newspapers and books, and type on my computer without the need for reading glasses. Moreover, I do not intend to wear eyeglasses again as much as I could.

There are more benefits that running gives, and I will  cover them on my next posts. I share only what has actually been happening to me. There are no theories here, only pragmatic consequences. I hope this one helps. 

related topic: neurobiological health 




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