RHYMER OF GOD SERIES: food for the soul repackaged (#10)




The Secret Behind Nature (An ode to the Almighty)

Thunderbolt and lightning, where have you been?
Who sent you forth from heavens, where you have been hiding?

Blurting out in the sky, terrifying!
Thunderous, loud, and screaming noise, it’s deafening!

Coming out among the dark clouds looming,
Giving a flash cue, before heavy rains start falling.

Oh rain, oh rain, where have you been hiding?
Where you up with the white clouds just before they darkened?

Who commands you to descend: “It’s time to pour!”?
Drenching the lands which were long parched before.

Oh gale, you strong wind, where have you been resting?
Did you come by yourself, and start blowing and howling?

Did you just shake the trees, their leaves falling?
You are strong and powerful, though you cannot be seen.

Who says these things are of no consequence?
I say, I say, it is the Almighty God, it’s Him!

ref: jb. 37.2-6


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