RHYMER OF GOD SERIES: food for the soul repackaged (#(9)

let there be light

An Ode to the Creator

Who is like unto Him?
Who is like unto the LORD?

Who is like unto the King?
Who is like unto our God?

There is none like Him, yes, no one.
There is no searching of His understanding.

None can fathom what He has done.
None can ever grasp the depths of His thinking.

For who can make something out of nothing?
Who can say, “heaven and earth, come into being!”?

Who can say and command, “Let there be light”,
when darkness blackens and overwhelms the sight?

Who can make lands and seas,
herbs, grasses, and trees?

Who can make a sun, a moon, and stars,
fishes, birds, and all kinds of animals?

And finally, man and woman to become as one,
multiply and have children: the beginning of mankind.

Who is like unto the Almighty?
None, no one, that can ever be.

ref: ge. ch.1;  ex. 15.11




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