STRESSED? Here’s a great reliever


runner sm

“A sound mind is in a sound body” – a Greek proverb. 

Are you stressed from everyday work? Do you want to hear about a natural way of relieving it, instead of taking alcohol or medicines? Well, If you can run, you can relieve mental stress.

Sounds simple as it is, yet very true and effective. Running involves movement of the feet faster than walking. Walking is good, but does not remove stress like running does. Your heart beats faster, your muscles ache, and you sweat profusely, which is all the point in running.

You need all these three to remove or relieve stress:

  • When your heart beats faster and faster, it means your heart is being intensified, and when it has reached its peak, it is going to gradually go down to a level more stable or calmer that before when you were stressed. It can’t get stressed anymore that day because you have already stressed it. It can only then be calm, at least for a few days.
  • When your muscles ache, it means you have given your body a push, and after that the muscles relax because you have given them a beating. Fidgeting, pacing to and fro, and fretting all stop because your body has already expressed itself to the max. The energy derived from food has also been expended, relieving internal stress. Food energy can be stressful if not expended. 
  • When you sweat profusely, liquids in you body like coffee, tea, colas, beer, whatever go out of your system relieving the pressure caused by them, along of course, with the oily fats that give you high cholesterol level, which in turn give stress to your heart veins. Being overweight can really give someone not only physical, but also mental stress.

In the process of all these three, something in the mind is consequently released: a mental hurdle is overcome and a spiritual force breaks through giving you a high and a feeling of satisfaction, thereby unclogging your thoughts of unwanted harmful thoughts causing you mental stress, and replacing it with euphoria, defeating the stressful state you had just before you ran.   

Running is the simplest form of sport. Just about anyone can do it. If you can walk, then most likely you can run, unless of course if you have a physical disability or a heart problem.

It is also the cheapest. You just need a pair of sturdy running shoes, and you’re set to go, No gadgets, machines, structures, etc. are needed. If you can’t play basketball, or soccer, or tennis because these sports require players, then just run. You can run anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

I‘m 55 yrs. old now and I do a fast five-kilometer run every three days; moreover, about four times a month, I do sprints. Whenever I’m bored, or lonely, or just plain anxious about something, I run. It calms me down, gives me a feeling of well being and a sense of being collected.  

Running though is just one part of my removing stress techniques. A primary part is praying. Whenever I am afraid (and worried), I call upon the LORD, as king David said in the book of Psalms. I pour out my heart unto Him, and I cry, draining myself of my concerns, calming me thereafter.

The third part is creative work. Idleness poses greater stress that working or doing something creative. We don’t think much of other things when we are occupied. Any productive work is worth it than just plain idling. Writing engages and calms me. Likewise when cooking, or doing some carpentry work. Constructive, creative, and sensible work give me happiness. And when we are happy, stress is so far away. 

Run while you still can. Don’t wait for the time when you can’t even jog or walk fast. Don’t wait when your heart and body can’t cope up anymore because of weakness, obesity, stress, and old age. We were created to move and run. Go!




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