RHYMER OF GOD SERIES: food for the soul repackaged (#5)

Death for Life

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son:
Whoever believes in Him, lives forever in His kingdom.

But believing in Him ends not in lip service believing.
For it’s only the onset of something profound and transforming.

Christ did not die on the cross wiping out everyone’s sins.
For if He did, then we wouldn’t have to do a damn thing.

He died on the cross to permanently impress one thing:
To clearly show the way on how men can be born again.

It’s by dying from the self that one escapes the sinful flesh:
Living anew, then living for others, starting afresh.

Only then can we really comprehend that His death was our light;
when we benefit from the sense of His death giving us life.

ref: jn. 3.16; ro. 6.6-8; 2 cor. 5.17



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