Where Did God Come From and Who Made Him?

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When I was a young lad, I at times would look up at the sky and mused, “Where did God come from, and who made Him?” I lived in a world I did not fully comprehend. All I knew is that I had to go to school everyday, play, do my homework, eat, sleep, and do the same routine again the following day. I was curious about life in general, especially as big as this one. I mean, He is our God. Would not it be nice to know something about Him?

We know God is God, and that He created the world and us. He is called Jehovah (one of His names); sometimes referred to as The Almighty, The Most High, The Everlasting Father, and so on.

But where did He come from and who made Him? Where is He in heaven? Does He have a family – wife, children, and siblings? Does He belong to a royal family up there? Is there a line of succession to the throne of The King?  Young people probably ask these questions. Well, some adults could probably get help in getting cleared on these important matters too, for these concern everyone’s faith. Or at least, if anyone out there does not have it, this is a good time to stir it.

The Bible has all the answers:

  • First, God has neither children (we are His children) nor siblings nor relatives. He is one and there is none other like Him. There are many passages in the Bible that state that; none that says otherwise, and one example is in Is. 45.22. He is singular – there are no other Gods or gods.
  • Second, He did not come from anywhere. The where He came from does not apply in His case. He was just here, and how, no human mind can ever comprehend. He is from everlasting to everlasting. The Psalmist David summed the scenario up in Ps. 90.2. In the beginning, before the Earth was created, was God – but God had no beginning. He did not start at any point. The beginning attribute of a God is that of having no beginning – otherwise, He would not be God. If He had a beginning, then somebody else began (or made) Him. That somebody else then would be the God.
  • Third, He is everywhere at any given time – omnipresent (Je. 23.24). He occupies the whole of existence. In fact, He is existence Himself. Would there be existence if not for Him? Judge for yourself. Remember, there is no existence at anytime where He is not present. Existence is synonymous with Him. 
  • Fourth, no one made Him. He is the Perfect Self-Existent. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher argued that “there must be an immortal, unchanging being ultimately responsible for all the wholeness and orderliness in the sensible world”. He referred to Him as the “Unmoved Mover” of all the motion in the universe. Even Benedictus de Spinoza, a renowned Dutch philosopher, in his contemplation, concluded that there must be a “supreme ground” for the events and happenings taking place in this world. He referred to God as the Supreme Being. In our world, no one is called supreme unless he is the ultimate.
  • Lastly, He does not end. He is not a created thing that should have a beginning, and hence, an ending. As previously mentioned before, …from everlasting to everlasting… pretty sums up what there is need to know. He is eternal backwards and forwards. He is the first and last God we will ever have (Is. 44.6).

The mysterious attributes of God are really hard to fathom, for they are well beyond human logic or conventional thinking. They are actually mind-blowing. Well, don’t you want to have a God who is mind-blowing? I do. 

Atheists and disbelievers abound because of inside the box conventional thinking, which will be naturally confined to within its limits. Reason will always stay on its domain. 

The only way to accept them is through FAITH – that illogical but freer and more superior primary function bestowed in our souls if we are ever going to live in understanding and peace in this existence of ours. 






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