The Three C’s of Permanent Communion with God

outlet and plug

When was the last time you prayed? Was it last week, last night, or this morning? If you ask me the same, my prayer NEVER STOPS! How? It is by living a life of prayer.

Constant, conscious connectivity is the way of establishing and maintaining our communion with God.

Let us dissect these three components of permanent communion:

  • Constant: This describes the first nature of a believer’s communion with the LORD. It must be continually recurring; loyal and steadfast. Then, it becomes established – like a pleasant, fixed habit.
  • Conscious: This must be known or felt by the inner self and mind. I call it psycho-spiritual awareness. It requires volition, or self-will. A believer must practice contemplation to discover and explore the possibility of a conscious seeking of the LORD. Humility with pleadings is a great requirement for this. The LORD resists the proud, just remember that.
  • Connectivity: At first, this is being open and available for connecting with Him. Consequently, this becomes the state of being connected. Ultimately, this turns into being plugged in to the Source.

How do we connect to or with God? It is simply by praying, right? But to connect with Him for good, that it would become the natural for you, is something really worthwhile and blessed to attain. Instead of praying to God occasionally from time to time, this one is connecting to Him for good. This is the ceaseless praying as exhorted by the apostle Paul in 1Th. 5:17 – a Christian attitude and mindset.

A prayer or praying is a beseeching, requesting, or pleading from us to God. It is our means of communication to Him. You do not need anything to do this. You do not need a phone, or computer; or any gadget or machine to communicate with Him. You simply get down on your knees, clasp your hands, bow down your head, and there you go – you are ready to communicate with Him. All you need is humility and sense of helplessness.

However, many pray only when they are in distress, or in trouble; often times, when they need something. Many also pray only when they are in a church congregation or building, where they have to because everyone is in a “praying mode”.  Many also pray only before going to bed, as is the custom. Prayer is used also as a recital for a particular occasion, like before a meal, wedding ceremony, or funeral. These are all good, there is nothing wrong with them. This is what we call occasional prayer or praying, that is, when the occasion calls for it..This is the typical case just about for most people.

What we are trying to get to here is a life of prayer, or of a life of ceaseless praying, not in a sense that you would get down on your knees and bow down your head every minute of your life, but a mindset or a state of mind that is constantly waiting on God; or constant conscious awareness of His presence in your mind and being – as opposed to seeing God as external, and far above the skies. It is a state of mind and heart that knows the ever presence of the Spirit of God in him. This is similar to the direct intuition of God through the innate idea of Him, as expounded by Descartes, a renowned French philosopher. This is like a permanent light in your consciousness and being.

David, the Psalmist, was always waiting on the LORD, as explicitly declared in his own words many times, as were the attitudes and conducts of the prophets, the apostles, etc. These men of  God were constantly aware of and waiting for the presence of the Almighty’s Spirit. Their minds (and hearts) were always engaged with Him. This was natural for them as life itself. This is the connectivity they had with our Maker – their permanent communion with Him. After all, God is permanent, and not just an occasion.

How is this achievable for us? This is very much achievable, as the Bible clearly says so, through The Helper, or the Holy Ghost (see Jn.14.26). This is the LORD’s response of meeting us halfway in our faith. WE ACTUALLY NEED A PIECE OF HIM TO CONNECT WITH HIM IN A MUCH,MUCH BETTER WAY (than just projecting Him as external). The Holy Ghost is an indwelling gift to help us in our infirmities (since we are in the flesh), including praying (see Ro. 8.26). It was promised even long before Christ came (see Eze. 36.27). One must ask the LORD fervently for this to have the means of permanent association with Him. 

The prophet Isaiah said: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee” (Is. 26.3). He was able to declare this for he himself experienced it. This was just a sample of a man of God’s connectivity with the LORD. We can see also from this that there is a corresponding response from the LORD of keeping him in “perfect peace”. The LORD keeps (takes care of; maintains) those who seek Him. The LORD meets us as we come to His abode, and He keeps us there – just don’t leave His presence.

The possibility of such benefit and blessing, is naturally, possible only thru Christ – the door, the way, the entrance to God, His Spirit, and the conscious living in His sphere.

God the Almighty is the infinite source and reservoir of power, goodness, righteousness, wisdom, etc;  therefore, it is for our very own benefit to get plugged in to Him. One must only find in his own will and determination to make that connection, for good. God bless us all.




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